Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handprint And Footprint Art

Here are some ideas for creating handprint and footprint art with kids. What you need: papers, marker pens/crayons, paint brush and washable kid's fingerpaint. Use the paint brush to apply paint on your kids hand/foot then press on the paper. They can mix the colors however they want.

To make a footprint chick, brush yellow and orange paint onto the foot and press the foot gently on the paper. Use marker pens/crayons to draw eye, beak and legs, turning their footprint into a chick.

Have your kids paint one of their hands grey then press their hands on paper. But my daughter wants her elephant red, that's fine for me. I don't limit her imagination. Then let the kids draw eyes, ears, tail and tusks on the elephant using marker pens/crayons. Ta-dah! Here is her handprint red elephant!

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