Friday, March 2, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaur Craft

This is an awesome and easy craft. I saw this idea from here. What you need: empty toilet paper roll, scissors, cardstocks/empty cereal boxes and crayons/colored pencils. First I drew a dinosaur pattern onto cardstock. Or you can print the dinosaur template.

Cut out then let your kids to color/decorate the dinosaur.

Cut toilet paper roll in half as the dinosaur's legs, and cut slits on the top to hold up your dinosaur.

And here is our finished work, smiley dinosaurs!

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  1. Dear JezebelleArt
    We enjoyed reading your blog on how to create our dinosaur craft. The dinosaur craft is an original and copyrighted craft from KidsSoup. Please add a link to our site at to give us credit for the craft idea. We appreciate your support.